Mentorship/ Education

Mentorship program 

Mentorship program form

Effective mentorship can be one of the most important determinants of being a a successful medical school applicant. AMSA realizes the need for guidance and has created this program to help its members. Our medical student mentors come from various schools across Texas such as: McGovern, UTMB, UTSW, etc.
Requirements to join medical mentorship program:
– must be a paid member


You will also get the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of middle schoolers in the second/third ward area! Be a role model to kids who don’t have family who went to a university.

Requirements to join middle school mentorship program:
– 6 months experience with children
– attend a 1.5hr training session

1st Mentoship Meeting

We will be having our first medical student mentorship meet-up of the spring semester at a coffee shop known as Tout Suite! Having a mentor is crucial to premedical students, especially those in the process of applying to medical school or getting ready to apply. This event will be a great opportunity to get guidance and answers on how to go about continuing on your path.

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Education Program

AMSA Advising Link: As a part of our new education program, we will be offering advising appointments for our members. These will include academic advising, picking out courses for the next semester, forming MCAT study plans and any other concerns that you may want to discuss


AMSA Study Group Link: As some of you may know, this year we’re implementing a new study group/tutoring program. Because this is a brand new program we’ll start off simple and help you get into small study groups, these groups will later in the semester become a private tutoring group for that particular class.


AMSA Tutoring Application Link: Signup to be an AMSA Tutor! Most of this job requires you to answer questions in the AMSA Study GroupMe. If possible, you may be asked to meet with the students just before an exam in a study room or small classroom to help with a review session, but we’ll do our best to ensure that there are at least two tutors for a given class so that no one has to be alone, so please invite your friends to apply too!