How to Join:

Step 1:  AMSA UH Application  

Fill out the corresponding form according to your membership status. Upon approval, new members may pay AMSA national fee and AMSA UH discounted fee. Returning AMSA national members may pay AMSA UH fee.

Step 2:  Join AMSA National (New members) 

  • Create a new account on AMSA National
  • Select the Premedical Undergraduate Membership
  • Fill out your information.
  • Pay $75 national fee (lasts up to four years).
  • Send a screenshot of the receipt at to confirm your membership.

Step 3:  Join AMSA UH! 

After confirming your national membership, you can join AMSA UH. 

You can pay your AMSA local fees using this link (it is your responsibility to make sure to put in the correct amount!)

New national AMSA members

Semester : $15

Annual : $20

Returning national AMSA members

Semester: $20

Annual : $35

Active members are considered to participate in the following activities per semester:

  • 75% of all general meetings
  • 1 volunteer event
  • 2 fundraising events (volunteer or provide supplies)
  • 1 medical school event or workshop (Fall or Spring)
  • 1 social event

4 thoughts on “Join AMSA

  1. I am a transfer student who is interested to join this organization. I want to know if the organization is still existing even during this virtual times.

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