Join us in your journey to your future! The future is just the beginning!

Joining AMSA National from the get go of your undergraduate career, benefits you the most in the association and our chapter is the most cost effective national student-run premed organization on campus.  If you are serious about a career in the medical profession, we hope you choose national membership and also join our chapter from the beginning!

Please fill out your applications today so we can start the approval process so you qualify for all these benefits!   Join NationalAMSA ! It lasts your entire undergrad time. Joining AMSA National also qualifies you for your initial local annual due $55 with a free T-shirt and subsequent years’ local annual dues of only $35.  No other National or local Premed org has the access to resources and insight to share with you in your journey in the healthcare industry!

This is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of:

  • National membership lasts your entire undergraduate time.
  • You get a discount on subsequent ( the following years’ ) local annual dues
  • You get a free t-shirt locally for concurrently signing up
  • You get Kaplan flash cards from National AMSA
  • You get access to Podcasts to keep you abreast in leadership & success in the field of medicine
  • You get The New Physicians Magazine from National AMSA
  • You get the access to pertinent medical/healthcare information online
  • You get to list being a member of AMSA on your resume, CV, LinkedIn, and your application
  • You get to be a part of an organization that is helping change healthcare and the medical field and so much more

You can’t get a better deal than that for helping you toward your goal! Send in your application as soon as you can!

  • University of Houston Main Campus student.
  • After acceptance of application, one must join AMSA National then join locally within the year to be officially affiliated and gain the most benefits.
  • GPA of a 3.1 or higher (if below, we encourage you to still apply as a local temporary affiliate or honorary member for your first semester until your combined GPA qualifies you at which time you will be expected to join AMSA national.)
  • BCPM GPA of  3.1 or higher. It includes any of the following you have taken:            Biology (BIOL)
     Anatomy  Biology  Biophysics  Biotechnology  Botany  Cell Biology  Ecology  Entomology  Genetics  Histology  Immunology  Microbiology  Molecular Biology  Neuroscience  Physiology  Zoology
    Chemistry (CHEM)
     Biochemistry  Chemistry  Physical Chemistry  Thermodynamics
    Physics (PHYS)
     General Physics  Astronomy   University Physics
    Mathematics (MATH)
     All Mathematics  Applied Mathematics  Biostatistics  Statistics
  • If you’re a #newcoog freshman with no hours of college credit please put N/A as your GPA. You will be considered as a local temporary affiliate or honorary until you have earned a GPA. After being accepted and joining as a temporary affiliate you are expected to join AMSA national as soon as your GPA qualifies you to be a in our chapter.  

Only when your  submitted application has been approved, can you join by paying dues.

Step 1) Download the 2017-18 local application online   —>

Updated Current Chapter Application17-18 word .docx

Updated Current Chapter Application17-18  pdf .docx.docx

  • Then open in ADOBE
  • Submit by filling out the application on your computer
  • We prefer a non pdf so we can sign off on it
  • Save it as your LAST & FIRST name
  • Email it to 

Step 2) Once your application has been reviewed and approved and you have received your acceptance email, you can then pay your national membership dues and come back to this website and pay for local dues below.  Be sure to pay the due that you applied with on your application.

(Review process takes about 7 business days during the Summer and 3 days during the Fall and Spring Terms)

As of 7/30/17 our buttons for payment of dues are these donation buttons. Please just fill in the corresponding amount of the due you qualify to pay. Please print your receipt for your records. We will receive an email from PayPal with the name of the payer and the amount they paid. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

To pay chapter local semester dues ($40), click the button below.

sponsor pic

To pay  chapter local annual dues ($55), click the button below.

sponsor pic

 UPDATE – Promotion is now closed as of 10/20/17 – To qualify and pay a discounted AMSA UH Local Annual  due of only $25  or $35 for  purchasing an AMSA National Membership during the National  ($25) Summer Promotion : June 1, 2017 to August 21, 2017 or ($35) Fall Promotion : August  22, 2017- September 30, 2017)  *** ,

  1. You must first apply locally and be accepted officially.
  2. After you are accepted and invited to join officially by the membership director, you will be asked to pay dues.
  3. To take advantage of the promotion you will have to go to the AMSA National Site ( click the blue link ) to pay them XX  using a discount code: Promotion Closed  for a discounted due of only  XX  and document proof by being ready to screenshot your payment review – which includes what you have paid for with your name and valid membership dates of your National Membership purchase dated June 1, 2017 to August 21, 2017 or August 22 to September 30th.  To list your association in AMSA on your applications, Linkedin, resume or CV you must be a registered national member.

Step 1: Click the blue link below to join & pay National AMSA.

*** join AMSA on the national level here  <———-pay & join National on this blue link 

Step 2: Send us your screen shot of your payment review with name and dates valid visible and or amount you paid with your name and address. Once verified by the membership director, she will contact you by email to invite you to pay your discounted local due here on this site using the button below.

Step 3: Click the sponsor button below to pay the discounted Local Annual dues.

sponsor pic

Returning National  AMSA members –  your discounted annual local due  rate for the 2017-18 year is $35.  Payable by the 3rd General meeting. ( please submit an updated application so you can be re-registered as a local)

sponsor pic

Step 3) Welcome to your future and become active!

sponsor pic

Shirt Sizes: S, M, L, XL

True Cost Price (no profit) per shirt $15

Discounted Cost Price per shirt for Semester due payers $10

Discounted Cost Price per shirt for Annual due payers $5

Discounted Cost Price for first shirt for 1st time Concurrent National Membership and local due payer $0


Local Semester $40.00 USD
Local Annual $55.00 USD
Returning National Members Annual $35.00 USD
Summer Promotional Discounted Local Annual with proof of National Mmbsp by August 22nd $25.00 USD                                                                                                                     Fall Promotional Discounted Local Annual with proof of National Mmbsp by Sept 30th  October 19th $35.00 USD
T-shirt Additional $15.00 USD
T-shirt Semester payer $10.00 USD
T-shirt Annual payer $5.00 USD


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