Members must attend: 

  • 75% of all general meetings a semester
  • 3 professional development workshops a year
  • 2 medical school events a year
  • 3 health & community volunteer events per semester
  • 3 fundraising events (volunteer or provide supplies or provide advertising to 10 UH contacts for advertising our fundraising event on social media or text) per semester
  • 3 social & wellness events per semester

Non-active members are those who have applied, paid their dues, and are a registered AMSA member, yet have not conformed to the above requirements to be considered an active member.


One of our missions is to see that our members remain active in all aspects of what AMSA has to offer as it adds to both their professional and personal development, which is integral for future physicians. 

At the conclusion of each semester, the three top active members with the highest accumulated points will receive a shadowing opportunity in the Medical Profession. 

As National AMSA members we receive discounts for certain MCAT Prep Courses, get a free flash card set, gain access to an E-medical dictionary and receive medical field national e-news and an insightful magazine.



We expect our officers to work hard and do their best for our members. We put in many unseen hours as it is a part-time job without pay.

At the conclusion of our year, the top three officers will have a choice of either a short shadowing or a small scholarship that will go towards a personal growth course. 

As officers we receive a discount on certain MCAT Courses.


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