2017- 18 EVENTS

2017- 18 EVENTS

Thank you to everyone who signed up for more information at the Cougar Carnivals, the NSM Block Party, Cat’s Back and everyone who volunteered collectively! We donated 141 hours to these annual recruiting events to help you in your journey toward becoming a well-rounded individual and candidate for your application process in joining a medical school to become a future physician!

General Meetings with Medical Guest Speakers *

 THURSDAY | September 14, 2017 | ( 6:15 PM) 1st General Meeting Featuring  Dr. Chacon and T.J. La |Come meet T.J. La, AMSA National Representative, Student Editor of The New Physician,  a BCM Medical & Law Student and AMSA UH Alumni |Our Speaker Series will  feature Dr. Martin Alejandro Chacon-Portillo, Cardio Thoracic M.D. and Researcher @ 7PM|Bring:  your UH student/staff ID  – you cannot attend without it.

TUESDAY | September 19, 2017 | ( 6:30 ) |General Meeting – Featuring Imperative Application Process Information | UPDATE: Agnes Arnold Auditorium 2  Bring:  your UH student/staff ID  – you cannot attend without it.  This meeting is essential.

UPDATE – CANCELLED BY MAC –  This event was cancelled by the host, but they are trying to reschedule for the 23rd. Email us if you are interested in attending! –  THURSDAY | October 12, 2017 | ( 6 – 8 ) |Modern Abolitionist Coalition Hosted General Meeting – Featuring Doctors for Change from Baylor College of Medicine | Where – SEC |Bring:  your UH student/staff ID  – you cannot attend without it. (200 points for full attendance)

  THURSDAY | October 19, 2017 | ( 6:30 – 8:30 ) |General Meeting -Featuring James Brandon Dickey, Regional AMSA Premedical Representative and from our Speaker Series Dr. James Cross M.D. and Surgeon | Where – SC Theater  |   Bring:  your UH student/staff ID  – you cannot attend without it.  Please sign up here

THURSDAY | November 9th, 2017 | ( 6:30 – 8:30 ) |General Meeting -Featuring __________________ from our Physician Speaker Series | Where – ______ |   Bring:  your UH student/staff ID  – you cannot attend without it.

THURSDAY | November 16, 2017 | ( 6:30 – 8:00 ) |4th General Meeting and Fall Awards for registered National Members only with Guest speaker  Kaplan Rep. Kishan Srikanth  

For Details about meetings-

  • Sign into your UH Get Involved page and either  – add us to your list of organizations you want to be in or search AMSA .
  • Anyone who has signed up with us for more information at an NSO Cougar Carnival, NSM Block Party, Cat’s Back or was a previous member with a valid email will be sent a reminder email by midnight Saturday prior to meetings.
  • (Tentatively held on Tuesdays or Thursdays Late August thru Mid-November)
  • 6:30 to 6:55  Check-in with both id and sign-in
  • 6:45 to 6:55  Announcements
  • 7:00 to 7:40  Guest Speaker
  • 7:40 to 7:50  Guest Speaker Q&A if permissible
  • 8:00 to 8:15  Open questions, closing, announcement, and sign-out
  • *As dates are secured we will list the speaker

Health & Wellness Volunteer Events

  • THURSDAY | September 14, 2017 | We will be needing volunteers to man booths for The Wellness Center’s Fair @UH ( Shout out to Arig for bearing the relentless Sun. )
  • WEDNESDAY | October 18th |Be the Match Bone Marrow Swab Drive in the Correction: UC NORTH  South ( We are honored to have The Nigerian Student Association collaborating with us to potentially help save as many lives as possible )( We potentially helped save 30 lives ) Please sign up here
  • SATURDAY |October 28th | Ronald McDonald House providing entertainment to patients & families. Please join us! Sign up here
  • SATURDAY |November 4th | UH BOUNCE 5K Walk at Mason Park | Volunteer from  9 -2 ( we will have our own sign up form by 10/15 in addition to the official one) Step 1: Sign up here   Step 2: Direct BOUNCE Sign up
  • SUNDAY| November 19th | Alzheimer Association Awareness Walk  @UH – Volunteering and/or Walking Please sign up here
  • We are in the works of partnering with a nearby nursing home for consistent volunteerism in the Spring.
  • SPRING |Annual Community Health Fair

  Fundraising & Philanthropic Events

  • WEDNESDAY | September 27, 2017 |(10 – 2:00)|In between the UC/Student Center South and North Buildings outside Table #1 North |Crepes, Iced Mocha, Coke Floats, & Cake Balls Fundraiser – Benefiting  Philanthropic Cause #1 International Rescue Committee|Bring:  your appetite and classmates. We take cash, debit, and credit. ( Thank you for your Support!)
  • THURSDAY | September 28 , 2017 |  Bullritos Fundraiser – Benefiting  AMSA UH Philanthropy|Bring:  your  flyer, appetite, and classmates from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • TBA
  • Various fundraising events on and off campus
  • Philanthropic causes – student, local, and global
  • Various community volunteer events on and off campus

*New this year

Be ready to volunteer or refresh yourself with our on/off campus fundraising food events, so you can directly contribute to the betterment of society in the field of health on a global, local, and student level!


Professional Development Workshops & Events


    • First Aid Training by UHPDFriday, Oct. 13th 11am-4pm Please sign up here
    • State and UH Medical School application informational meeting Sept. 19th ( see GM 2 )
    • Personal Statement WorkshopTuesday, Oct. 24th @ 6:30 Please sign-up here
    • Suture Clinic  – with US Army Surgeons TuesdayNovember 7th @ 6:30  Please sign up here
    • McGovern Medical School TourTuesday, November 28th 1 to 3 PM Please sign up here
    • Local Medical School Tours &  Medical Schools visiting UH – Fall & Spring
    • Gross Anatomy Workshop-Tour or Research Lab Tour – Late Fall or Winter
    • Resume Workshop – Fall
    • CPR certification – Spring
    • Community Health Fair – Spring

  • Non-AMSA Professional Development Opportunities
  • HPAC Seminar by Dr. Wayne & Dr. Williams – Wednesday, Oct. 25th 5:30-7PM  Please Sign up here
  • HPAC Personal Statement Writing Workshops by UH Writing Center – See emails
  • Medical School Panel Invite from Rice University’s DAWA – Sunday, Nov. 5th 7-8:30 See email
  • Professional Headshots for your application process by UH PRSSA –Tuesday, Nov. 7th – See email or see our public Facebook page for the link
  • MCAT Practice Testing from UH – Spring
  • CERT Training * at no cost   


  • Web-Journal by officers *
  • Free Kaplan flashcards with National membership
  • AMSA UH Internship for Fall or Spring *

*New this year

Social & Wellness Events

  • FRIDAY | September 22nd | HOSA & MIMOSAS Invite – see Facebook for details
  • MONDAY | September 25th|Annual UH Student Center Game Room Night with ASDA and several other Pre-medical orgs ( Celebrating September Birthdays)
  • FRIDAY | October  27th | Halloween Costume Social at Discovery Green Sign up here
  • THURSDAY| November 2nd | Meditation Workout at the Rec with Maryam Ali Sign up here
  • November Game Day Shasta Plaza Meet Ups  Sign up here
  • TUESDAY | November 16th | Fall Awards after GM ( Members Only) Featuring   Kishan Srikanth , Kaplan Rep (  sign up on the email sent out )
  • 3 Wellness Workout meet-ups at the UH REC center *
  • Social Fundraisers at various sponsor locations |TBA
  • Intramural games ( basketball) | Contact Syed Ali

  • Spring Picnic Outing (Discovery Green, Levy Park*,or on-campus ) with other health orgs | TBA
  • Spring Gamenights at Phonecia’s Market Cafe or Brooklyn Athletic Club* | Mondays TBA which ones
  • Intramural games ( basketball) | TBA
  • Various workshops & general meetings
  • Frontier Fiesta outing* | Late March
  •  Sixth Annual Awards Ceremony | Mid May

* New this year


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