Volunteer Events

If you have any questions please e-mail us at AMSA.Houston@gmail.com

Each volunteer event will be worth 50 points. Person providing carpooling gets 20 points. If you would like to earn points for volunteering outside of UH-AMSA, please fill out the following form: Volunteer Hour Application

Please Note: 20 points will be deducted if you sign-up for a volunteer event and do not come to the event. Spots are limited, so please be sure before committing.

  • Rehab Services Volunteer Project
    • Location: Bullseye Storage Unit, 1715 Airline Drive, Houston Texas, 77009
    • Date: Saturday, April 11 (THIS coming Saturday)
    • Time: 9AM-noon
    • 85 points per hour
    • You will be helping people obtain certain medical equipment necessities, hospital beds, etc. It will be a little more medically related than some of the other volunteer events.
    • Sign up here (by Friday midnight): 

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