November Events!

Update – 11/10/17 The medical mission tab has been updated with information and links and will periodically updated.  Our fourth General Meeting and Awards ceremony has a reservation number now, but it still has to be approved by another group. There will be no pot-luck on campus for reasons beyond our control. We will have a after event meet-up please see the updated google form sign-up  from the email.

We are still waiting on the reservation process for the 9th and 16th.  They don’t usually take this long, but when they are backed up there is nothing that can be done.  We are not going to have a GM this Thursday, Nov. 9th because of this and the original tentative guest speaker lives in California and 90% of the officers don’t feel that medical mission tour goers, who are wanting to tell about their experiences,are worthy of a GM.  I’m very sorry as this was a great opportunity to learn about the actualities of joining a medical mission tour and all that goes with that,which is an essential part of your premedical experience. On Friday evening I will post some information on medical missions on a new tab here on the website. Have a great week!


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