Are You An Official AMSA Member?

Please remember if you are a freshman without a current GPA, as soon as your grades come in, you must inform us of your GPA and BCPM GPA and join National within 3 business days of grades being released from UH.  No one is an official AMSA member unless they apply and pay  This has been the policy for last year and this year. If you have any membership questions regarding this please direct them to Attn: President Treasurer Membership Director so we can address them quickly as a group.

If you are thinking about joining the local chapter at UH, you must apply to National and join them to be Official.

Get Involved is not joining us it just means you are interested in our local chapter and can attend GMs.

Our official member list, which comes from our parent national organization, is posted and current as of 10/27/17. The previous one from 6/27/17 is in full below the current one.






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