Thank You to Our Guest Speakers Dr. James M.Cross, MD FACS and our Regional PreMed Rep from AMSA James Brandon Dickey!

Dr. Cross shared with us that while being premed is all about reaching goals and qualifications,you have to keep in mind the real journey is about the people you are going to help save or help heal and that at the end of the day our legacy and family life are what drives us to achieve greatness in whatever we choose to do in the medical field.

James Brandon Dickey shared the benefits that AMSA National offers and the history of AMSA. He spoke about the National Convention and how we all have a hand in changing the healthcare industry. <—-Why AMSA National? Ask yourself what other national organizations are doing to change healthcare for the betterment of humankind.

You can join AMSA National at any time . You can even join AMSA UH at anytime in the year if you are a National member, just submit your updated application and pay your local due within 3 business days of acceptance, so we can register you for the year. Welcome back f’AMSA’ly!

Also great thanks to all our members and officers who showed up during midterms and the football game!


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