Thank you!

Thank you to both of our volunteer guest speakers Ton “T.J.” La, Jr. BCM 2nd year MD & JD Candidate, AMSA National Board Member and Student Editor of The New Physician and Dr. Martin Chacon-Portillo !

Thank you to AMSA National’s President Joey Johnson who generously made a special discount just for AMSA UH usable until September 30th.  It’s a savings of $25 off the national membership due which lasts you your entire undergraduate time.

Here is a post T.J. La made on facebook :

“Had a blast at today’s meeting 😄 Long message, but please read if you get a chance to. AMSA is truly the most unique national medical organization as it is completely governed by student leaders and I encourage all premed students to join AMSA both locally as part of the UH chapter and nationally. Please feel free to ask me any questions on the Facebook page and I’ll answer to the best of my ability. Just a few things about National AMSA membership to wrap up:
-You must be a National AMSA member to be recognized by medical schools during application season.
-Only as a National AMSA member can you apply for leadership positions:…/house-…/national-leadership-elections/ As a national leader for the past 2+ years, I attest a lot of my growth to being AMSA.
-There are multiple benefits to National AMSA membership which are all listed here:
-Lastly, AMSAPREZ25 is the $25 discount code off the normal $75 National Membership fee (so $50 which lasts for all your years as an undergraduate at UH). To join today, click here and the third tab:
Thanks everyone, and GO COOGS!! -T.J. ”



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